Event Information


The Atlanta Campaign, Inc. welcomes all who attend our events. There are a few thing we would like to share with you so you will be comfortable and hopefully enjoy our reeanctments.

Arrive Early...at least 2 hours before battle begins or plan to spend the afternoon at the site.

While there is plenty to see and do all over the site, traffic peaks just prior to this time. Try to make no commitments in town or off site immediately following the reenactments

Anticipate delays and consider staying on site to relax and stroll the camps and food areas following each battle.

Bring and wear sunscreen. Be sure to wear light colored clothing, a hat, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and again, don't foget your suncreen. Sun umbrellas may be used right up until the guns are heard, marking the beginning of the battle. They must be lowered at that time.

Have a great time and plan on coming back next year....Thanks for attending!